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Leadership Skills that Move You

Looking to gain recognition as a leader?
Need to find more effective ways to hold people accountable?
Want to learn how to influence and empower your team more effectively? 
Want to lead better than the rest to accelerate your success?


Are you a business leader who needs to hyper-focus on growth, improvement and accomplishment?

Professional Leadership Coaching can dramatically increase performace, reduce workplace conflicts, empower teams to collaborate more effectively & help fast-track leaders to reach their goals and improve performance.

Leadership Level Communication is consciously exchanging information that contributes to effective understanding, respect & trust to customers, colleagues & direct reports.

Leadership Level People Engagement is the ability to empower the interactions with those around you in a way that creates a strong & social emotional connection that can be applied to common goals & activities

Leadership Level Success Focus is about Goal awareness & focus that directs the awareness, resources, activities & feedback to respond to market opportunities or needs around us.

Leadership Level Adaptability is made up of cognitive, emotional & attitudinal skills to see opportnities, challenges & changes possible or necessary, as well as the ability to understand why & how.

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hamilton business coachA Leadership Coach with Real Experience

Sherri’s experience as a corporate leader and a business owner brings a rounded perspective to leadership.  With a unique set of skills and practical experiences Sherri brings insights to the leadership development of individuals and leaders through understanding, proven models, hands-on experience and targeted training as a professional coach.

Sherri helps leaders and potential leaders to hyper-focus on growth, improvement & accomplishments.  Clients recognize the impact of the coaching experience with Sherri in the first meeting, but the long-term commitment of transformation of her clients is the ultimate goal.


What Have your Got to Lose?

Programs & Coaching

Individual & Customized Coaching Programs mean I meet you were you are and we build from there.

Leadership Skills Inventory Quiz

If you are looking for a starting point to begin strengthening & growing your leadership skills, try taking the Leadership Skills Inventory Quiz.  You will get your own results immediately so you know where to start.

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Why Leadership Coaching Matters

“I want to work with clients who believe they have the potential for more.  Remembering what it was like as a new corporate leader wanting to make my mark and yet feeling like my leaders could see things I couldn’t was frustrating.  I craved constructive feedback to help me grow & accomplish the goals I had for me and for the team I was responsible for leading.  Growing into the role and the skills necessary, I set my sights higher and realized that the skills that brought me this far, were not going to be enough to help me get to the next level.  Eventually when the time came to build my own businesses and teams, it was easier for me to recognize the areas of development that was needed and their success was what really fulfilled me in my work”

Professionally, I am a certified coach with additional accreditations in applied neuroscience coaching, cognitive behavioural coaching, corporate training, mindfulness and enneagram training.  Not only do I have the education to provide evidenced base professional support to my clients, I can also relate to who they are and where they are.  Even when they aren’t sure themselves.

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