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Sherri Lojzer

Founder & leadership expert, Sherri Lojzer began developing leaders in  2002 as an executive with a national retail organization and has continually increased this expertise through education and experiences.  Sherri specializes in the communication, interpersonal skills, behaviours and motivation of individuals and whole teams.  With experience in the corporate, small business start-up and franchise world,  she has a critical understanding of what it takes to fill the roles for various types of organizations and provides development and training to support the growth and success of those individuals.  Sherri’s passions, however, lead her to focus on working with not for profit and social enterprise organizations that improve the lives of those living with barriers.  

As an Internationally Certified Professional and Applied Neuroscience Certified Coach Sherri created MindWave Co.  Her goal was to create a leading agency in building conscious & social responsibility minded leaders with the skills to craft dedicated teams of employees who are engaged and empowered to fulfill the vision of their organizations.  Helping leaders understand the teams that surround them, what motivates them and how to inspire them to do more than they would have on their own, and how to create inclusivity is what gives Sherri her greatest joy and businesses their greatest profit impact.  To support the philosophy of life-long learning Sherri has continued developing skills sets through education in Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Enneagram of Personality,  person-centred planning, disability supports, design thinking and corporate training.

Sherri has been fortunate to be engaged in community advocacy in numerous ways, including service with keynote presentations such as the Girls Leadership Day collaborated by the Hamilton District School Board and Hamilton Police Services, developing and delivering programs to local social services agencies such as Brantwood Community Services and W. Ross McDonald School for the Blind.  She has also served in numerous non-profit board leadership positions.   Currently, Sherri is the Secretary of the Woodview Mental Health & Autism Services Board of Directors and as a board representative to the Brantford Brant Ontario Health Team Steering Committee.  Sherri and her partner, Dusty have taken on the role of Puppy Raisers with Autism Dog Services bringing Harmony, a golden retriever puppy into their home for the next year, where they will raise & train her in preparation for being placed with a child with autism.   This is an experience they will share with their 6 grown children and one grandson in their blended family.  Travel is another of their shared loves and they have fed that wanderlust as they recently explored Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands, Iceland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, France & Italy.

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