Feeling Overwhelmed?
Your business won’t run itself while you’re on a Stress Leave

Self-Care For Your Soul  $495


12 Weeks to Stress Management & Resilience Building

Starting March 12th Group Sessions 4-6pm

Starting March 14th Virtual Group Sessions 4- pm


Self-Care for the Soul is a wrap-around program that blends the best from Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Applied Neuroscience, Mindfulness & Osteopathy to help you create healthy stress management & resilience building strategies, skills and wellness.


  • Recognizing where stress effects your health & happiness
  • Learning to reduce the impacts of stress on you or your health
  • Recognizing specific triggers & helping you proactively solve them
  • Developing immediate coping strategies to deal with stresses or worries in the moment
  • Developing new habits to help you become more resilient to the impacts of stress or overwhelm

Self-Care for Your Soul

Stress & Overwhelm especially is one of the most significant causes of illnesses like:


Heart & cardiovascular diseases

          Stomach and digestive illness                          

          Respiratory Illnesses

          Cancer progression

          Headaches & migraines

          Accidental deaths  


27% of Canadian workers described their lives on most days as ‘quite a bit’ or ‘extremely’ stressful. This means that almost 3.7 million working adults went through a regular day feeling a high level of stress (Chart 1). Another 6.3 million (46%) said they were ‘a bit’ stressed.


This is well suited to managers, professionals and entrepreneurs in helping them develop awareness and skills around stress management and coping skills.


Sherri Lojzer is a Certified Professional Coach with additional coaching designations in Applied Neuroscience & Cognitive Behavioural Coaching as well as a Mindfulness Practitioner & Certified Corporate Trainer. Sherri also has a background in health care, specializing in Palliative & Dementia patients, Brain Injury & experience in Developmental Services.


Olivia Woodley is a Registered Kinesiologist & Manual Therapist who is completing her masters degree. She has extensive experience in injury management, fitness training, athletic training & rehabilitative manual therapy across all generations.  Most recently she has also been working directly with clients in Developmental Services.


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You can take action now to break free from the stress & overwhelm



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