Connecting with others to learn, support and grow is the perfect fit if you are looking for

-regular accountability

-like-minded entrepreneurs who also want to connect, share experience and learn in a fun social way

-a safe group where you will develop skills through

open monthly coaching session

regular training and teaching videos

new self development activities regularly

access to business tools for the entrepreneur

open monthly strategy sessions

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“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire” Napoleon Hill

Group Coaching provides an inexpensive coaching alternative that allows you to have ongoing access to all of the elements of the program for as long as you are a member


Once we reach a certain number of members in each group we start a new one to keep the group coaching calls from being too difficult for each person to get time in.  Everyone gets a chance to ask their questions or take part in a laser coaching during the session so you are constantly moving forward.  The best part is that you still start off with a one-on-one individual coaching session with Sherri at the beginning of your membership


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